Friday, August 08, 2008

So Who Has to Be Robin?

The Husband and I are two very different people. In fact, we're pretty much polar opposites about a lot of things, ranging in importance from food preferences to fundamental personality type.

The depression and anxiety I've been dealing with lately have been hard on him, too. Anxiety, they say, expresses itself as rage, and I have to admit, ashamedly, that the Husband has taken the brunt of that. So we've not been our closest lately and as he was getting ready to leave the country for a week, I was feeling pretty emotional about adding such a physical distance to the emotional distance we've recently felt.

Me: I'm just so sick of us never understanding each other anymore. Everything is so hard and I just wish we agreed on something.

Husband: Well, we both like Batman.

That pretty much made my day.


Leslie said...

Sometimes just one little thing can make that difference :) Does it help to know that no matter how much distance you feel from him it's still ridiculously obvious to everyone else how batshit crazy in love with you he is?

Wonderland said...

Also, I think it's wonderful that he could make you laugh (or at least smile) in that moment. Awesome!