Monday, August 18, 2008


Uh, yeah. A week later, I still need to finish my list o' interesting things about moi. Commitment issues.

3. All sheets and blankets must be perfectly aligned before going to sleep. This drives the Husband nuts.

4. I'm a very good speller (no fair sifting back through my posts looking for a misspelled word). And I can spell quickly. I think I just had very good sight word memorization when I was little from all the reading I did because when someone asks how to spell a word, I very rarely have to think about it. I just see the word in my head and rattle off the spelling. I didn't realize this was at all unusual until I was in graduate school.

5. I'm an only child. People always ask how that was, whether I liked it, was it hard. I didn't know any different. It was what it was. I think it's why I read so much, which I think helped my education. I also think it's why I'm very, very rarely bored.

6. In another life, or a parallel universe, or something, I'm a linguist. And a good one. If linguistics were a remotely lucrative career, I would have been all over it. As opposed to how well I'm using my speech therapy degree now. Heh. Anyway, there was a point where I was studying German, Greek, and Latin at the same time and was the happiest I've ever been, academically. You know that scene in The 13th Warrior when the old seer woman is maniacally selecting Norseman after Norseman to send chasing some firey wormy menace and they have to act all happy about it? The whole scene is in some language that I can't even identify, but I can translate every word, and did the first time I heard it. It's all about roots and morphemes, yo.

7. My favorite book of all time is the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

And I still have three people left to tag:
Toddler Tamer, now that I know you're back in the country and even back online.
The Reid Family
And I'll take a stab at tagging Moosh in Indy. Though, she's one of those bloggers who actually makes money doing this, so she may be too busy pulling in the big bucks to respond to my tag.


die Frau said...

I, too, am a good speller and I attribute it to a lot of reading. Is that unusual? I didn't know. I have always admired your spelling skills.

You are so cool with your linguistics--I wish I could do what you do! You're a linguistical bada$$.

I also loved The Time-Traveler's Wife and don't care about critics' annoyances of lack of complete development of certain characters. It's a love story. Back off. It was gorgeous and heart-wrenching and beautiful.

Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World said...

I always like hearing about what people have a natural ability to do that they don't recognize as an ability even until later in life.

I got tagged with something similar last month:

Leslie said...

I ALSO loved the book. Loved it! It's not my favorite (Still Life with Woodpecker), but it's damn fine.

Also, I think that only child business is bunk. None of the ones I know is disadvantaged now because of not growing up with siblings. Similarly, not one demonstrates the "ME!ME!ME!"ism that illustrates the clich├ęs about only children...

Now I want to watch The 13th Warrior with you...