Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Old House

The Husband is so sweet sometimes. I hate when I accidentally thwart him. Ouiser wasn't the only one throwing money at the Sigg peeps this week. The same day (unknowingly), I also bought Sigg bottles for the Husband and myself. Apparently, that was also my Mother's Day present. We only figured it out because he called me to verify a charge that our credit card company had found suspicious, leading them to block further charges until we verified it (I am so grateful about how seriously they're taking our identity theft issues, really, but I am wondering what they found suspicious about us buying diapers from Amazon. Seriously? That company should be sending me a Christmas cards every year thanking me for personally funding their corporate holiday parties in Maui.). Anyway, I made him change the Sigg he'd picked out for me to the one I'd picked out for myself. Then I canceled my order. At least, that's what the emails we sent the company said. I'm pretty sure we're actually just going to end up with four Siggs.This is the one he was going to get me . I like it a lot, and blue is usually a great guess for me, but this one I love:Those folksy Swedish designs get me every time. Thank God the nearest Ikea is in Atlanta.

Who knew there was so much to say about a water bottle?

If I haven't lost you to more interesting reads, in other news around here, we have seen the first of the Papoosekin's first tooth (Ouiser, do you have to filch all my blog fodder? LOL)! Thursday afternoon, out of nowhere, she projectile vomited all over me, herself, and the highchair (The Papoosekin did. Not Ouiser.). She didn't act like she was feeling bad, except for all that gagging and turning red during the vomiting. I took her temperature: 102. Stripped her naked, turned on the AC. When the Husband got home, we called the doc. To make a long story short, she was much worse the next morning. If she wasn't asleep, she was crying, and she is generally such a happy baby, I felt soooo bad for her. I held her all day long because she screamed bloody murder the second I tried to put her down. No interest in playing. No interest in crawling, sitting, standing (all the current favorite pastimes). She just so wasn't herself. In addition to burning up and vomiting.

The doctor wanted us to come in this morning, but she woke up with no fever and we discovered the tooth. I knew that teething could cause GI problems at the other end, but I didn't know about the vomiting. So it's a pretty classic, cliched story of new parents getting all worried about their child's illness only to find out that it was just a tooth. But in our defense, I know babies who show no symptoms of teething, just wake up one morning with a tooth. So I think our little one is just pretty far on the other end of that spectrum. At any rate, she's doing better today, though not all better yet. Send her happy thoughts to distract her from the pain.

The Husband and I are off this afternoon to look for new tile for the kitchen. Remember that tiny earthquake in the Midwest a few weeks ago? We barely felt it here. In fact, it was the Husband's first earthquake ever (except for a small one at my parent's house a couple years ago, but he slept through that), which he was very excited about, but I was not. It woke us up in the middle of the night, and I knew he was going to make a big deal about it and all I wanted was to go back to bed, so I tried to convince him that it was just the cat. Shaking the whole bed. Yeah, he didn't buy it either. Hey, it was the best I could come up with at 4:30 in the morning!

Anyway, that earthquake pushed up one of the tiles in our kitchen. Enough that it needs to be replaced. But we have asbestos linoleum under the tiles. And we have a six-month-old. And we're a little uncomfortable with that situation. There was a little patch of asbestos that we were already going to remove from where we made the new door into the utility room. The Husband was going to do that himself because it was so small. But now we're talking about the whole kitchen, so we're calling in the professionals. And frankly, it's not just a matter of safety at this point, but time. We need people who know what they're doing to come in, get 'er done, and get out. This is the kitchen we're talking about. Kind of an important room.

So the gist of all that is, we need to go pick out new tile. This will be the same tile that will eventually extend into the utility room, so once that's purchased at least I can pretend we're making a little headway in that area, too! Any tile choosing tips? Anyone out there with experience in this?

Have I mentioned there are no smoke detectors in this house? How do you buy a house in 2008 with no smoke detectors? Especially when the previous owners had three small children? Maybe they took them with them? Not so hard to believe if you knew some of the other details about the condition in which they left this house...

Anyway, we're out...


Strongmama said...

I would choose a tile that is not solid because it will hide dirt more. We have tile that is beige and flecked with some brown and gray in our kitchen and while I didn't choose it and it's not exactly the color I would have chosen, it doesn't really ever look dirty because of the color. Otherwise you need to think about how much mopping you're going to have to do.

die Frau said...

How can you even legally SELL a house with no smoke detectors?

We plan on getting our floor retiled because it's hideous, but we'll probably just buy the do-it-yourself tile from Lowe's until we get the real thing. Mind you, we have no earthquake, asbestos, or baby to influence that decision.

I have the purple version of the blue Sigg water bottle and I LOVE IT. I use it all day and appreciate the hole in the top so I can carry it on one finger. Way to green it up!