Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gourmet Beginnings

The subject of last meals comes up sometimes in conversation. You know, if given the choice, some people say they would have a chocolate cake, others filet mignon, etc.

Have you ever thought about what your first food would be, if given the choice? Neither had I. But surely it wouldn't be this, would it?

Rice cereal. Mush. The Liliputian had her first taste of it yesterday and her second today. The awful face she makes in this video only lasted for the first few bites. Then she was pretty eager for it. It took forever to feed her the few ounces, but it went faster today.

We're supposed to continue with this for four days, then we can try something new from a very brief list. I've been going by the popular Super Baby Food book, which has some problems (inaccuracies with advice, very dense text, a bit disorganized), but seems like a great resource as long as you're aware of these. The four-day wait period is to ensure there are no allergies. Then you introduce one new food after each wait period; so, if there is an allergic reaction, you know exactly to which food it was. So, we'll probably try some avocado on Wednesday. Wish us luck!


Strongmama said...

Awww!!! It looks like she really wants to hold that spoon and feed herself! Yummy mush!

I'm a big fan of the Super Baby Food book, too. I think the inaccuracies come from it being a little on the older side. I like that it's got more than just food ideas in there if you really want to go crazy. But I didn't go anywhere near using brewer's yeast or blackstrap molasses for anything!

Ali said...

She's so sweet - really wants to help with the feeding thing too doesn't she? Weaning is such a glorious time (even if 75% of life seems tied up with food production, feeding or washing out stains after).
Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed how she wants to try to feed herself already!!! That is amazing of her! She is absolutely adorable!