Sunday, April 13, 2008

And I Wonder Why Her Breath Smells Funny

We've now got three meals a day, consisting variably of rice cereal, avocado, and sweet potatoes. Today was the first day of sweet potatoes, and they were a hard sell, but she's been unsure of everything the first go around so far, so we'll see how she fares tomorrow.

I'm also growing acutely aware that we have a massive bib shortage. I've used everything from a cloth diaper to a kitchen towel to a washcloth today because I just can't keep up with the bib laundry. Six bibs doesn't make it very far when you're doing three meals a day.
The Husband has been on a great 7:00-4:00 schedule at his new job...until this Friday. Someone else in his department is temporarily unable to do his 8:00-5:00 shift, and because The Husband is the most junior employee, he has to take over. Fortunately, it should only last a few months. Unfortunately, during that time he won't get home until about 6:00, which is the Papoosekin's fussiest time of day as she winds down toward that 7:00 bedtime.

These smiles weren't really for us. These are the squeals of joy that are bestowed upon Chewy every time he gets within her line of vision. I really need to confirm with our pediatrician that there's no harm in Chewy giving her a good tongue bath every time he comes upon her, including the inside of her mouth.

I've had so many other things I've wanted to blog about, but The Husband and I continue to feel overwhelmed by life in general. We've made a conscious decision to just start letting some things slide because we're both about to lose it completely. So the house is extra messy. Dinner doesn't always get made. And I don't blog much. Hopefully it will get better. But happy husbands and wives and mamas and papas are more important than all that other junk, so that's what we're focusing on.

In the meantime, current projects include: filing taxes, installing baby gates, installing carbon monoxide/smoke detectors, figuring out how not to freeze our baby out (who lives on the first floor) without sleeping in pools of our own sweat (in our room on the second floor), and jumping through the endless hoops required by the State of Tennessee in order for me to get a license to practice here. Apparently AZ was a little more lax. Funny, it didn't seem like it when I was jumping through their hoops. Oh, and more bibs are on the shopping list. And baby food freezing trays.


Sarah Berry said...

Glad to hear you guys are letting a few things go to maintain a sanity and happiness level - very impt!

Also laughing at the "baby food freezing trays" which are ice cube trays with covers. I have some great ones from Bed, Bath, & Beyond that I love! The bottoms are soft so you can pop them out one by one.

Anonymous said...

congrats on letting go of things. You are so right that mom,dad and baby being happy is so much more inpt. and it's funny all the "stuff" is still there when you get to it. It is really nice to get the food frozen esp. when she is hungery and your pressed for time. how would have know a baby so small could generate soooo much laundry !!! You don't have to take anymore tests for your license do you? How is the job situation for you once you get the license?