Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Little Catch-Up

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Papoosekin!

Wouldn't you agree that this is not a baby with a weigh-gaining problem anymore? Look at that chin!
She's rolling, she's sitting up almost independently, she's standing for a few seconds holding onto the couch...She is acting so ready to start solids. The debut of brown rice cereal is planned for this Saturday. She may be teething; she was so fussy today and she's almost never fussy. I can't see anything, but her mood improved after a little homeopathic teething drops application. Sitting, standing, rolling, eating, teething, little newborn is a full-fledged baby. I told the Husband that I feel like she'll be telling me she hates me any day now. OMG, we need to childproof this place. She's going to be mobile any minute.

(This one's from our last day in Tucson, at only three and a half months.)

(And this one's from our first day in the new house in TN.)

In other news, we had a fabulous visit with Scarlet Lily and her fiance last weekend. I joined a gym. I hurt my back again (though nowhere near as bad as before). I'm looking for a physical therapist or physiatrist. We moved the Liliputian out of her temp nursery adjacent to our room and into her own, permanent room (I'll take pics when I get a chance). The Husband is sick with the same cold Mr. Ouiser and Scarlet's fiance have. Chewy and Otis have met and made friends. My laptop has been officially wiped. I've got all new credit cards and a bunch of credit reports I need to review with a fine-toothed comb this weekend. That's about all I can come up with...we're real exciting around here.

Want a list of things I need to do? No, you don't. I'll give you a partial anyway. I need to get a rain barrell. I need to plant some vegetables. I need to get curtains up in the dining room. I need to install baby gates. I need to make sure all our outlets have plugs. I need to install magnetic cabinet locks. I need a haircut. I need to pack up the size small Fuzzi Bunz. I need to report the identity theft to the feds and the local police. I need a TN license and registration. I need to seed the lawn. I need to get a TN SLP license and look for someplace to work. Ugh, I need to update my resume. I need to post this and go to bed.

I'm getting more sleep at night, though, thanks to letting the baby cry it out. I learned a magic trick involving turning off the monitor while she screams, waking up by instinct after about 10 minutes when she's done crying, and turning the monitor back on. Cuts down significantly on my trauma and sleep deprivation, which makes all of life seem more manageable. Although I'm a little panicky that they're not replaying last week's Lost tonight like they normally do. What happened?!? No, wait!! Don't tell me. I'll catch up somehow.

*(Huh. Sorry about the duplicate posts. Don't know how that happened. Anybody know how to delete those?)


die Frau said...

I hate to add to your list, but have you updated your dog license? The last thing you want is to have the dog get loose and have an out of state license. I don't know if that matters, but it's worth checking out. You will get everything done, I know; you are one of the most competent people I've ever known.

CUTEST BABY PICS! She is so adorable. I have to meet her, immediately. Penny and I will jump in the car--look for us in about, what, ten hours? ;-)

Becca said...

Hey Sara! I got your blog info from Janine. Wow - Tennessee! Your little one is so adorable. What's her name? Are you working - Dysphagia? I hope things are going well. Our blog is - original, I know. Check us out - we have a little girl too.