Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Perfect Fit

It's been a long day in the ol' sewing room. Lots of washing and ironing and folding of the fabric stash (using the method recently mentioned by Stardust Shoes here and its innovator here). I'm not nearly done. Also accomplished much mending of dog toys, some random towels. And finished the dog bed. Remember that random little cubby in our living room? I think you're meant to put your tv in there, but that didn't work for us. But a couple of days ago, the husband saw Chewy crawl in there for a nap. It always looked conveniently dog-sized to me, but Chewy had never shown any interest before. Lo and behold! The foam we'd bought months ago for the bed fit perfectly! Chewy seems to approve.

1 comment:

Ouiser said...

it is perfectly chewy-sized. how funny.

wow- that's a lot of neatly folded fabric. if you search the drawers in our guest room and all the random bags stuck in closets throughout our house, you might find all of my scraps!!