Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's/30th Year To-Do List

...decidedly not to be confused with resolutions, which are generally doomed from inception. I turned 29 last month and decided to set forth some goals for this year. I tend to be a pretty goal-oriented person (do y'all remember the shape I was in at my wedding? Eh?), so this has a good chance of working out well for me. Especially after making it public.

  1. Go to the gym at least four days per week.
  2. Walk Chewy once per day, when knee is not hurting.
  3. Post something I am working on sewing-/crafty-wise once per week. Which means I must therefore be actually working on something at all times and I must also post once per week. See how clever I am with my two birds?
  4. Eat one fruit and/or veggie per day. Those green superfood veggie powders you mix with juice count. Regular juice does not. And the husband has to do it, too.
  5. Make "mattress" for in dog's crate.
  6. Make crate cover.
  7. Make beds for cats.
  8. Make quilt for bed.
  9. Make curtains for bedroom.
  10. Make advent calendar for next year.
  11. Learn five simple recipes that don't require a lot of special trips to the grocery store or complicated preparation instructions.
  12. Make Christmas stockings for next year.
  13. Make Christmas tree skirt.
  14. Make Christmas ornaments/decorations.
  15. Go camping three times.
  16. Go hiking three times.
  17. Do a real spring cleaning.
  18. Make the husband help.
  19. Get my Amazon wish list down to only 100 items, whether it's from reading books at the library, deleting old books I don't really want to read anymore, or actually buying the damn books.
  20. Learn to alter unisex t-shirts to fit women.
  21. Complete five more scrapbook pages for my wedding scrapbook.
  22. Frame and hang pictures of our families.
  23. Finish my clinical fellowship year and get certified by my professional association.
  24. Get my front teeth fixed. I've already started this by getting a retainer in December. The left front tooth has creeped forward over the years, slightly overlapping the other one. It's not that bad, but has gotten worse with time and I fear that it will bother me increasingly as I age, so better to take care of it now while it's not bad enough to need full-blown braces again. I have a lisp with it, though. Can't wear it at work. It's really a bad joke: a speech-language pathologist with a speech disorder...
  25. Make more summer skirts.
  26. Tackle a shirt.
  27. Tackle the freezer-paper method of fabric painting.
  28. Work on posture at least once per day.
  29. Sew the cover for the back roll that I'm supposed to be using to improve my posture.

That's 29. An appropriate place to stop.


Ali said...

Great list - go you! (And sit up straight y'hear!)

die Frau said...

That is a great list. I think I might have to add to mine! And you're right--if it's posted, you can go back and look at it...and we can remind each other! Just remember not to beat yourself up for not getting to things: if you try, that's a lot. It's all about baby steps, I'm learning.