Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Clock's a'Ticking

Ach! Quick post.

First off, Ouiser had her baby! Beautiful, lucky girl. So many people love you already.

This is a lame post because I've been so busy cleaning and copy editing and otherwise nesting. My mom is coming into town Tuesday night, which I am so excited about, but there's a lot to get done. We had the carpet and couch/chair cleaned this weekend. The furniture hadn't been cleaned ever and is about three years old, so it seemed overdue. And we've lived here with a puppy about six months now, so the carpet was ready, too.

The guest bedroom and bathroom are not quite ready yet, but won't need much because we're rarely in those rooms. I need to go grocery shopping. I'm excited that I actually have some meals I can cook now! I don't think I've ever cooked anything more complicated than macaroni and cheese for my mom. God, I'm turning into Ouiser. Thank God. :)

The husband has been a huge help this weekend while I've been up to my ears in copy editing. He's supervised the aforementioned cleaning, done laundry, washed Chewy, made some phone calls on my behalf, etc. He was a good investment, turned out to be quite useful.

I've sewn the binding strips for Chewy's mat to each other, but haven't pressed it yet. So I don't think the progress there could be any more minimal. But he had a great Saturday at doggie day camp. We had a free coupon and needed him out of the house for the carpet cleaning.

I must to bed now. The 5:00 am wake up call looms and there's a spinning bike with my name on it. By the way, strongly recommend this book: The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine. It's great if you're remotely interested in neurology. It's at a layman's level, don't worry.

Mom, care to join me for all the errands I won't be able to get done before you get here? Oil change, Bob to vet, old clothes to thrift store, birthday present for friends' girl, grocery shopping, return curtains to Linens 'n' Things, etc...

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