Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home Again

We arrived home this morning, after traveling on about four hours of sleep. So catching up there was the first order of business. We got in too late to pick up Chewy at the kennel, so had to wait until 5:00 pm. He seemed pleased to see us, but in that way where I'm not really sure he noticed we were gone until he saw us again. Which is good. That's what I wanted. He stank like a mo fo, though, so he got a bath as soon as we got home. He's been pretty chill tonight. We're reminding him of the household manners he forgot while we were gone.

Austin was awesome. Awesome Austin. Lots of family, food, fun, and baby time. I've got permission to post a pic of my nephew, so I will as soon as his mom is able to send me some. She's considering a blog herself, but would like to get on the beta version. Ouiser, die Frau, and I had no problem with this, but she doesn't seem to have the option, even though she has a blogger account. Is it invite only? Anyone have any tips for her?

Ooh, by the way, there was a hawk sitting in the tree in our front yard when we got home. Very cool. We reached for the camera before pulling into the driveway, but he flew away. Then we saw a huge gray cat rounding the corner. His flight may have been more about that than us. At any rate, it was a nice welcome home.


Ouiser said...

I don't actually think the beta version exists anymore. I think they've upgraded again. I think you have to have a google account...does she have one??

die Frau said...

Yes, I think you have to have a google account...and having Mozilla Firefox as your browser helps a lot. Internet Explorer 7.0 hasn't really worked all of the bugs out yet, so version 6.0 is better...but it might not support Blogger. Trust me--all the tech people I know have told me not to upgrade IE until it's running better.