Sunday, December 10, 2006

Treeless in Tucson

I got the lights up. All roughly 1,800 of them. And, while I'm not afraid of heights, per se, I do tend to be afraid of things that will kill me. Like falling off a ladder. So I bought this pole that was supposed to be specifically for clipping lights to shingles without having to get on a ladder, but it was useless. The clips were too weak. So I ended up borrowing a ladder from a neighbor and got all the lights up without loss of limb.

I also go the Thanksgiving decorations put away and the few indoor Christmas decorations we have out. I have all kinds of ornaments that I've never yet used because we've never had a tree. This year we have a house, so we have room, but I'm too worried about the puppy. I also have a lot of large pinecones I'm not sure what to do with. Ideas?

I made this jingle bell wreath. In case anyone else wants to try it, it took 75 bells. I used 16 gauge wire, but would recommend something even sturdier. Apart from the fact that those bells are a lot heavier than they look, it was easy.
And here's a gratuitous Chewy pic, from his first trip to the dog park.
Got some time on your hands? Let it snow...
(And thank domesticali for the fun.)


Anonymous said...

Ok here are my suggestions for your Christmas dilemmas:
1) Get a smallish Christmas tree and put it on a small table, end table sized with a tree skirt that drapes off the table if you wish. Thats just what I did this year.

2) Re: the pinecones- I live in the country where there are tons of pinecones so one year my mom took a bunch and spray painted them silver and gold and put them in a pretty bowl on our coffee table with other Christmas-y things like big nuts and bells and such. Very Martha Stewart-y but very cute.

Hope that helps!!!

Ouiser said...

I love your wreath. Because we have a storm door, wreaths won't fit on the door without crashing into the glass, so ours just sports a bow that matches the stuff outside.

Hope all is well!