Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cowgirl Vest

So, I got a request for further details on how I made the cowgirl vest for the Papoose's Halloween costume. There's really not much to say... I didn't use a pattern; I just sort of free-hand cut the fabric after looking at a fleece hoodie of hers in her current size. The fabric was from my stash, some kind of faux shearling-type stuff with a suede-look on one side and fleecy texture on the other. The fringe I picked up at JoAnn's a while ago, planning to do something with it for this costume, though I had no idea what at the time. I just topstitched that on before sewing the vest pieces together. And the stars are just felt, machine-appliqued on. Really, everything was just very free-hand and completely winged, which I NEVER do, but I'm very much glad I did this time. It's nice to step outside your comfort zone and have the results be so satisfying.

Anyway, hope that helps.

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Sarah Berry said...

Horray for stepping outside your comfort zone, I know you're a recipe/pattern/rules girl at heart :) It paid off in spades!