Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Which I Claim YET AGAIN to Be Back

Okay, so another two months have slipped by with no blogging. The holidays were busy, yo! I cannot seem to keep up with my life. Here is a list of excuses, in no particular order:

  • kitchen remodel (you want pictures, I know. It's all still totally demoed, though. There's nothing new to see yet, but I should at least give you some before and during shots.)
  • holidays
  • purchased a vacation home
  • Papoose's second birthday
  • started working again: per diem for our local hospital, and in two weeks will start per diem for a Nashville hospital as well (it will be every Wednesday at the Nashville hospital, some Fridays, and then a more traditional as-needed basis at our local hospital)
  • um, I have a two-year-old
  • my house is a constant disaster due to kitchen remodel (have I mentioned that I have no sink? no food prep area? I'm lucky to have a working fridge, toaster oven, and microwave, but it's still not like I can cook anything because there's no way to wash any dishes or utensils. Except for the occasional bag of dirty dishes we cart over to Ouiser's house and sneak into her dishwasher when she's not looking.)
So, I'm not doing the whole New Year's resolution thing, but I'm going to make an effort to try to blog every day for the next month or so. Just to get back in the habit. I think I've just gotten into a routine of putting blogging behind all my other priorities so I never feel justified to spend the time to write these big long posts with lots of pictures, etc., like I used to. So be prepared for some Twitter-like posts as I try to get back on board with this whole blogging thing.

As for today, we spent the morning rearranging some furniture in the dining room/kitchen to try to beat back the crazies that are trying to take over my head. We got the china cabinet out of the hallway and back in the dining room. Things are newly configured so that there is space for the Papoose's kitchen to go, whenever it gets finished. (He was this close to finishing it when our dishwasher went kaput in September and we had to start this whole remodel thing.) The Husband is working his fingers to the bone every. single. night. on this remodel. Seriously. He comes home from work and goes to work in the kitchen until midnight-ish or later. He spends all day, every weekend, on it. It's like a second full-time job, no exaggeration.

My plan this afternoon is to pack up the rest of the Christmas stuff. The tree is down, but not packed, and the stockings are still out. I'm vowing to get that done before Valentine's Day...


Sarah Berry said...

Woo Hoooo!!! Welcome! (again)

The year B & I were planning the wedding and both working full time our tree didn't get taken down until the last day of Feb so you're way ahead of us! :)

Becca said...

Sounds like you are awfully busy. We had our kitchen remodeled once too - I remember microwave dinners - ugh!
Happy New Year and good luck!

Wonderland said...

Hi Hon, Welcome back! I'd love to know more about the vacation home. Love.