Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Downtown

I love small towns. The best parades are always in small towns. Hamilton, NY has its dairy princess. Mill Valley, CA has it's dog section. Dickson, TN has Mr. and Mrs. Old Timer.

Dickson also has a great Christmas celebration where they block off Main Street from traffic and everyone runs wild with cups of hot cider, cocoa, or something with a little more bite; rocks out to the band or toasts the bagpiper; waits in line for Santa's lap; or warms up in the coffee shop or bookstore or antique store or bakery or cigar shop.

We hit the scene with the Ouisers tonight and it was so. much. fun.


Strongmama said...

J says, "What's she doing? What's she doing? Ha! Ha! Ha!" (hysterics and then requests to see it again.

die Frau said...

Tiny people dancing! I love when little kids "dance" by bouncing up and down like that. And clapping.

We had to learn to do that while watching football so as not to scare my friend's little girl, so whenever we scored, a room full of adults (including rabid male fans) had to clap and go, "Yaaaaaaay!".

Oh, and I love the hat and top.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton has a dairy princess? Ha. LOVE the video post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved the video, I'm glad the hat fit :) She is getting soooo big, she is so squeezable, can/t wait to hear all about christmas, is your mom going to be around? It's great to be able to see her growing. Hope to see you on my drive back in the spring. LOVE YA