Friday, July 04, 2008

Walk Score

Wondering how "walkable" your neighborhood really is? Actually, I think this is more useful if you're considering moving to a new neighborhood. Presumably, you've walked outside your own home enough to have an idea of what's within walking distance, but I could see comparing that knowledge to a new locale you're not so familiar with. At any rate, this website shows you what businesses are within walking distance of your home: groceries, movie theaters, coffee shops, libraries, etc. I don't know about you, but I'm looking for ways to save on that gas mileage! The only drawback is that the program can't account for paths that take you through bad neighborhoods, busy roads, areas without good sidewalks. Cool concept, though. For fun, see how your neighborhood stacks up here... Mine got a 58 out of 100.


die Frau said...

Mine got a 32 out of 100, but I think they left out a lot of places, like Panera, a few coffee places, Subway, and a couple of clothing stores. They also mentioned a grocery store that no longer exists in my area. Still, it's fun to check that out and get to know a few places!

Interestingly, where I used to live is a 78, but it was near a cool area with tons of shops and restaurants--where I sent you all shopping the day of my wedding. I do miss that proximity to things, but I wouldn't trade my house and backyard (and work proximity: 0.2 miles) for all that.

Anonymous said...

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