Thursday, July 31, 2008

Local Duck Found

One Duck, of Dickson, Tennesse, was recovered yesterday when local authorities found him at nearby Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville.

Duck was first reported missing by one Papoosekin, also of the same residence in Dickson, at lunchtime yesterday. Papoosekin was unable to report the time or location that Duck had last been seen. Luckily, Papoosekin's mother was on the scene to assist with the search-and-rescue plan.

"I remember seeing him in her stroller as we were approaching the mansion. I kept looking over to make sure he hadn't fallen out. But now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing him when we left the mansion. She was only holding her mum-mum."

A Cheekwood spokesperson has been quoted as saying that the mother's story was crucial in conducting investigations. "We'd never have found Duck so fast, if she hadn't been able to narrow the search parameters," he stated.

Duck and Papoosekin were reunited yesterday afternoon at 2:00 pm. Other Cheekwood officials had already located Duck by the time he was reported missing and were holding him in a detainment cell as he lacked identification. No injuries were sustained. It is thought that Duck may have fallen out of the stroller during a particularly steep climb approaching the mansion. Unfortunately, Duck was unavailable for questioning regarding his role in the caper.

Celebration continued into the night as local paparazzi caught the pair, apparently leaving the Living Room. Papoosekin would only offer, "Do, do, do!" Duck gave no comment.

Papoosekin's mother is said by an anonymous source to be looking into purchasing opportunites of spare Ducks.


Strongmama said...

That's such a heartwarming story. I hope it was the last clip on the evening news. We had a similar crisis in Austin involving a toddler and a chicken... maybe the Strong children need to move on from the fowl.

die Frau said...


Thank goodness for local coverage; my heart positively leapt into my mouth at the opening sentence. So glad no nefarious toddler/mother combo absconded with the Duck.