Monday, July 21, 2008

Power of Positive Thinking

Want to win $50? Robyn's Online World is giving away a $50 gift certificate to a randomly chosen reader who leaves a comment on her blog stating one positive thing that happened to him or her today. (I get an extra entry for sending you there. What can I say, I'm an Amazon junkie. I'm also diluting my chances of winning by pointing this contest out to you, but what the hey.)

Better yet, tell me one positive thing that happened to you today. It's a feel-good exercise for everyone.

It's only 9:00 am here, but so far, the best thing that has happened to me today is hearing the sound of the Papoosekin laughing when I kiss her, and listening to her babble away to herself and me and her toys and Chewy and anything else she can think of as she plays.


Sarah Berry said...

I had the freedom to take a TWO HOUR nap today, which I never do but clearly needed. And I'm *incredibly* grateful that I'm in a position to do that!

(Wait, is grateful different from good?? Miles cuddled up and spooned under my arm the whole time, so that was good too!)

Strongmama said...

My kid used the potty twice at school today. (why i am calling it a potty to all of you, i have no idea). Technically i guess that's a positive thing for him, but whatever. I stayed for a class at the gym even though i was tired and the instructor was just way too perky for my liking.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late to this party, but yesterday I called my now live-in honey from the liquor store. This is a very good thing for two reasons 1) He has at home (our home!) cooking dinner for me (sweet) and 2) the man knows wine so I always drink something delicious with dinner. AWESOME! ~Alice