Monday, March 03, 2008

Sleep Tight

Last night the Papoose woke up one time. I nursed her, put her back down awake, and she went to sleep without a peep.

Tonight, we went through our bedtime routine, I put her down awake. This was my first time doing the actual putting to bed since we've started the sleep training, mainly because the Husband can take the crying better than I can. She was wide awake and just looked at me. After a couple minutes I realized I could just leave. We were only supposed to sit by her crib if she needed us. I left. She hasn't needed us. Hasn't made a peep in an hour, so I obviously assume she's asleep. Either that or having a very, very quiet party in her crib.

I'm feeling so lucky about how well this has gone. That first night was tough, but not as tough as I'd prepped myself for. Obviously, she was ready for this.

I've figured out why this whole sleep training thing is so hard on parents, I think. The first few months you spend pretty much just trying to keep your baby alive. All efforts are on feeding, keeping her warm enough, preventing diaper rash, etc. Survival. Oh, and keeping yourself alive by trying to remember to eat and sleep occasionally. This sleep training business is, I think, the first real parenting I've done yet. I'm having to put her through something she doesn't like for her own good, despite her pain. That's parenting. And yeah, of course I've been reading to her and talking to her and making sure she gets new experiences, etc. And that's parenting in a way because it does take a modicum of effort. But it's also kind of fun. Sleep training isn't fun for anyone. And Ouiser and Toddler Tamer both, wisely, keep reminding me that this seems so hard until you realize that everyone goes through this eventually and the kid turns out fine, no permanent damage and whatnot. But like the first night they have to put themselves to sleep and hate it, but then realize they actually can do it and survive, the first night I had to be a real parent kind of sucked, and I hated it, but I realize I actually can do it. And we all survived.


Strongmama said...

Hooray! I wish you a full 12 hours of silence and sleep. Can't you just feel it on the horizon? And if not 12, at least 10 or 11? Ahhh... the sweet pea is finally comfortable in her own skin. Yay!

die Frau said...

I am sooooo calling all of you every day when I have a baby (not yet).

That is fantastic! I knew you could do it. And truly--think of how many people there are in this world...all of them had to do this at some point, and you're a better mom than most of them, of course. :-) Way to go!