Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happiest Mama on the Block

One of the best things about our new town is that it has several antique shops. I've been to my share of antique shops in the past, in a variety of areas of the country, and I never understood why people always talked about what fun it was to go "antiquing." Everything is always ungodly expensive and it's just depressing looking at all the beautiful things you can't have.

Now I understand! This is a town where antiquing is actually affordable! There are really expensive things, but also really reasonably priced things. A wide variety of junk and true treasure. I get it now. It's fun. We've made two small purchases already that I'll try to remember to share in the future, when I can upload pictures again: a small chest for $28 and a medicine cabinet with mirror for $40. I'm pretty excited about both. They're very, very rustic, but they fit in well with our older home.

In an update on the sleeping chronicles, the Papoose slept through the night last night. A gift from the heavens. Tonight she cried for about 20 minutes. We'll see if she wakes up. Apart from these mild sleep issues, she is so amazing. I wish babies could be born at three or four months of age. I know some women really find those first few months to be their favorite, but I am so not one of them. I feel like we've finally hit the golden age of babyhood. She is just such a happy baby and so much fun. I wish you could all meet her now! I need to figure out if I can post video. To the nonparents (or non-recent parents), there's a great book out there that Toddler Tamer was kind enough to lend me called The Happiest Baby on the Block. It's written by Dr. Karp and he teaches the five S's for getting your baby to sleep: swaddling, swinging, "shhhhing," sucking, and side-lying. But his theories are based on the idea of what he calls the fourth trimester, suggesting that babies really need another three months to mature before they can really deal with the world. I started seeing major changes for the better in our Papoose after two months, but she didn't get really fun until about three months. And I'm so excited everyday to see what she'll do next! Okay, enough gushing, sorry. I'll be complaining again in my next post, I'm sure.

To bed with me.


Sarah Berry said...

Yeah! So happy for you! And so happy that our trip has such perfect timing as we get to visit her at the perfect age. Woo Hoo!! 3 Weeks!

Unknown said...

even though the kids are older I do remember the roller coaster ride, my 2nd was the child who would not sleep and wanted to nurse 24/7. Wish I had thought to read a book or talk with my pedi. Thank god we all get through it, a learning curve for baby and parents. If we didn't go through this what stories are there to tell the girl/boy friends when they are older.Yes the stories we tell when they get married :):) Glad things are on the mend. Look forward to seeing you all,enjoy your time with S & B. Love Marilyn