Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Plague Strikes Again

Return of the Plague

Y Tu, Plague, Tambien

The Plague and I

The Plague Never Dies

Dazed and Plagued

This is a game die Frau and I and other dear 'Gaters used to play in college. But we used Jean-Claude van Damme instead of the Plague as our star. Classics like Run, Jean-Claude, Run and Jean-Claude Wears Prada will never be forgotten. And yes, you've inferred correctly: we're sick again. More specifically, the Husband is. With the same stomach bug we've each already had.

They gave him IV fluids at Urgent Care on Saturday. He got sick Friday night, just in time for his whole weekend to be ruined, and now he gets to go back to the germ factory they call a hospital, when he returns to work today, to pick up the new and improved version of said Plague to bring home and share with me and the Papoose. Lovely.

I'll be disinfecting the house today. Again. But this time, I take no prisoners. We've already started on the bedding. I will also be washing all dirty clothes, towels, dishrags, etc. I'm buying new toothbrushes. All doorknobs and handles will be getting the alcohol or bleach treatment. The Husband already cleaned the toilet. Any other ideas?

We even cleaned the Papoose.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! You poor things. Whenever things get that way for us I go right for the colloidal silver. I learned about it from Brian Anderson years ago and it works wonders. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll mail you some. Hang in there!

Ouiser said...

while i do feel horrible for you guys...the picture of the squeaky clean L is one of the cutest things ever. i recommend that you get CLOROX disinfecting wipes and CLOROX hard surface spray and use them religiously. also, if you use sponges in the kitchen, pop them in the microwave for 1 minute to kill any germs lurking there. good luck.

die Frau said...

You poor things, ditto! Ditto the Clorox as well. You can also put sponges in the dishwasher (then the microwave? can't be too safe). I swear by Airborne--take it the second I feel crummy, religiously. You can't miss a dose, and all the major drugstore chains now have their own, cheaper version. Is Chewy bringing anything in? Also I suggest D. not touch anything at work and invest in a giant bottle of hand sanitizer. I think that's why I got sick: I work in a germ factory myself and didn't wash my hands enough.

I laughed and laughed at Jean Claude Wears Prada. I LOVE IT.

Hope D. feels better!