Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eye Candy

Dog booties from the Husband's Aunt L (already dangerously close to not fitting!)...

...and frog jammies from Grandma. These are the only footed pajamas she's not too long for yet.
The Husband was home from work today and is feeling much better. The three of us spent the day cleaning; although, I can't really say that the Papoosekin pulled her own weight. She actually spent most of the day eating, napping, and being carried around the house. She left us to do all the laundry, tidying up, dishes, etc. But she gives these great, big smiles these days. She opens her mouth wide and scrunches up her whole body with her fists up by her mouth; it's like a full body smile. We're sure a laugh will come any day now. So we forgive her for being a little lax in the housekeeping department. As long as she forgives us for the same.


Sarah Berry said...

Oooooo.... full body smiles! Just the thought of that makes me happy. She looks like an official baby now and not like a newborn anymore.

Hope the big clean went well, we started the same thing this weekend.

die Frau said...

Simply too precious for words, both the doggie booties and the frogs. Dogs and frogs! Hah!

We'll also have a lot of cleaning, clearly. I asked T, "We're not having anyone over, are we?" Thankfully, we're not.

Ouiser said...

Don't expect her to start cleaning anytime soon. I'm still working on training Cinderstella:)

Does the non-fitting of the jammies mean that we are growing this week??