Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mystery Solved

I made these biscuits from Ouiser's recipe on Saturday and they were delicious. She's totally right about the glaze, though: I accidentally made way too much and ended up wasting a ton of sugar. But they are otherwise perfect and the amount of orange flavor is right on. I didn't mess with her recipe at all and found it to be just right. Subtle, as she said, yes, but still very much there. I highly recommend them.

I've been working more the past two weeks (and will be right up until we leave for Sacramento next Wednesday) and have been exhausted! Twice in the last week I've fallen asleep at 8:00 and slept for 11 hours. As die Frau mentioned to me on the phone the other day, it was not uncommon for me to need that much sleep in college, but that was bookending other nights of getting four hours of sleep because I was on the phone with the husband (who was then merely the boyfriend) half the night, for example. So it made more sense. But I think I've finally figured out this mystery.

Those of you who have been pregnant know that once you get to about 20 weeks (I was 21 yesterday), you're not supposed to sleep on your back anymore. The weight of the baby/uterus/etc. is now enough to constrict the artery that returns the blood from your legs to your heart. So you have to sleep on your side, preferably the left. This requires multiple pillows between the knees, behind the back to support you. I've been doing this and notice that I have to switch sides every couple of hours because I wake up with hip pain in the hip my weight is on. Turning over means waking up completely because you have to rearrange all those pillows every time. So that's several sleep interruptions per night. That coupled with the work it takes to build a whole new person I think more than explains the 11-hour marathon sleep sessions.

It also explains the not blogging, not sewing, not unloading the clean dishes from the dishwasher and allowing the newly dirty ones to stack up, not folding the laundry (though I did at least wash it, which I maintain is the most important part).


Sarah Berry said...

Hmmm... what does it mean if you *aren't* growing a person and still neglect to do all that stuff?? :)

I learned about the whole mountain of pillows that are required for sleeping from Jaynes Ave when she was preggers. Doesn't sound like much fun, especially when you still have so many months to go! Glad to hear that you're getting some sleep though... it does sound like college :)

Ali said...

Sleep all you can now! It's going to be a precious commodity in 20 weeks or so ;)

I uded to love hubby being away when I was pregnant, because I could have pillow piles on both sides for minimum night time disruption! Just wait till babe starts bouncing on your bladder - not only do you have to wake up, but get up to pee too!

Ouiser said...

Glad you liked the biscuits. I feel famous.

As for sleeping. I know what you mean. I had the same pain in my hips from sleeping on one side. I eventually gave up on the pillows because it irritated me too much to try to move them around.

Good luck:)

Anonymous said...

I had terrible luck with this, but maybe it will work for you. Get a big body pillow. Less maneuvering in the middle of the night. However, you do run the risk of getting tangled in it and having to wake up D to help you! Oh, and allowing the chores to fall by the wayside is totally allowed (and normal). Get used to it because that's how it will be when the baby is born, too. Getting packed for Sacramento as we speak! So much stuff...