Sunday, February 25, 2007


Just spent a good hour of my time trying to figure out what widgets are, how to get them on my blog, got one on my blog, decided I didn't like it after all, and finally figured out how to remove it, thus eating up nearly all of my blogging time for tonight.

Still working on the dress; although, I didn't do too much on it this weekend. The husband was nice enough to stick pins in it, and himself, but not me, in order to help me take in the bodice. I stopped there, but am planning another marathon sewing day this Tuesday.

I tried out a new Weight Watchers shepherd's pie recipe that I quite liked. I don't think I can share it though as I'm sure the copyright gnomes will come and sue me in my sleep.

The only other news was the disaster we inadvertently subjected Chewy to on Saturday morning. I've been going to the gym at about 5:20 every morning and the husband has informed me, after the fact, that Chewy has been whining in his crate every morning after I leave. According to the husband, he's learned through trial that Chewy doesn't actually have to go potty; he just wants to get up.

So, Saturday morning when the pooch started whining at 4:30 am, which he never does, the husband thought he was crying wolf again. Turns out he wasn't. At all. In a nutshell, the new crate liner has been thoroughly broken in by a large puppy accident. Poor baby. They hate getting their beds soiled in that way. We knew the mistake pretty fast though once it happened because it stunk up the entire house in a nanosecond. Then Chewy accidentally stepped on it on his way out of the crate, so he had to get a bath while the mat was washed, the whole crate bleached, any nearby toys sanitized, and all the windows opened. The husband went back to bed at about 7:00 when the whole ordeal was over with, but I was traumatized into a wide-awake state. Chewy had come home from doggy day camp that day so exhausted we think he just forgot to tell us he needed to go before bed, and we didn't notice because he's usually so communicative about that. Ah well. This is life with a dog.

The flip side of that day was much more positive. A couple we're friends with have a new puppy, 10 weeks old, a mix. We brought Chewy over for a puppy play date and it was really fun to watch them together. The puppy is adorable, of course. And Chewy is much bigger than she is, but they soon settled into a happy game of Chewy lying on the floor, the puppy standing on him, sinking her teeth into anything she can. Mostly his cheek. But they both loved it. And the human company was fabulous as well. We played that movie trivia game: Scene It. I learned many interesting things that everyone else probably knows, but the most astounding was that Jack Nicholson only discovered as an adult that the woman he thought was his sister was really his mother! I'll leave you to ponder that one...

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