Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tomorrow's Another Day

In addition to learning in the past few months that The Muppet Show is finally out on DVD, I am ecstatic to see that Newhart seems to be debuting on the DVD scent soon as well! I've been checking that one on Amazon over and over for months. I'm so excited! That was one of my favorite shows as a child, which was great because my parents liked it, too. In my browsing, I've also discovered Fraggle Rock and All Creatures Great and Small. Thank God for wish lists. I'm still trying to catch up on the series I have, though: the first seasons of Alias, Lost, and Veronica Mars; although, I did see the latter two in their original airings. But I'm more excited about all the old favorites showing up. After all, I can still watch Lost and Veronica every week.

Enough TV. The other thing on my mind today is cookies. As most of you probably know, it's Girl Scout Cookie week and there's no escaping them. I ordered three boxes, the first time I've ordered any in years. One of the PTs in my department has a daughter who sells them. My mom used to drive me around for hours after school and on the weekends, schlepping me all over rural Upstate NY, in the freezing cold, so I could be a top seller (and I was). So it's hard to turn those girls down. But the aforementioned father also continues to donate free boxes to the rest of the department as fast as we can scarf them down. I'm actually a little sick of Thin Mints now, impossible as that sounds. Today I managed to avoid the little boxes of temptation by staying out of my office completely. This was a successful strategy in that I got out of there in record time today, having seen all my patients by 2:00, but I was foiled by a nurse wielding a box of bakery cookies right under my nose. There's just no winning when it comes to cookies. I succumbed.

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