Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She's Got Mad Potty Skillz, Yo!

I expect props to go out to our girl, Papoosekin, for some very appropriate potty usage this morning. After peeing all over both me and the couch, she later completely redeemed herself by not only announcing her intent, but carrying out said action in its entirety, and in the potty. After much applauding and rejoicing, she rejected the proffered sucker and instead demanded a fifth reading of A Mud Pie for Mother. Bless that child's little bibliophilic heart.


Strongmama said...

Word out to my niece, yo! Although I must say, even though it's just in jest, KILLS me to see a z at the end of skills. I must chill. Props to you to!

Strongmama said...

and then how ironic is it that I spell too incorrectly?!