Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On the Move

One week from tomorrow, I will be hopping in the car with the Papoosekin, Chewy, and my mom and driving to Tennessee. The Husband will be following a couple days behind with all three cats and their sedatives. I think we may all need sedatives by the time this is over.

He'll drive fast; probably he'll make it in two days. We'll take our time; maybe four days...give or take. I'm told by people who've done this that I could probably make it in two days because she'll just sleep, but I'm not going to even attempt that. I'm too scared of screwing up her circadian rhythm and having her think she should be awake all night and sleep all day by the time we arrive.

The Husband has a new job. We have a new house. Well, we kind of have a new house. We don't have a closing date yet (yikes!). The Husband has been handling all the details, but my understanding is that we just need to give Evidence of Insurance, which is currently hung-up on getting the insurance people to understand that, although the original 1930s electrical wiring is still in the house, it's not hot. It was apparently just cheaper to leave it there when they put in the new wiring, but it's not a fire hazard, so they should just insure us already.

But the packers are showing up Monday, so closing date or not, we'll find ourselves in TN in the near future.

The Husband has been frustrated with this electricity thing because it's moving pretty slow, he's had to call back multiple times asking for various things, etc. I think the concept of a New York minute doesn't fly in the south. Not that The Husband is from NY, but I think Seattle's so hopped up on caffeine that they probably are ingrained with a similar concept.

The best thing about moving is that it's the only time I can get my packrat of a husband to get rid of anything. We're posting things on Craig's List left and right and making back a few drops from the bucket of money this whole thing is costing us. And the Papoosekin gets lots of "new" clothes from the thrift store as we trade in our old duds. We need to use up our credit at the used book store...I was there today to unload another boxful of books and they offered me $60-something in trade or $20-something in cash. I'm so used to automatically choosing trade that I almost ended up with $100 total in bookstore credit to use in the next week. Oops. So I took the cash and will head back another day with the previous credit that I forgot to bring with me today. And we'll do the same at the thrift store: bring one last load in then use up the credit.

Have I mentioned how much I love buying and selling second-hand? I know I have. I only wish I could buy myself second-hand clothes...alas, I need tall sizes in everything. Not exactly easy to find in a thrift store. Hopefully the Papoosekin will end up a little shorter than me and be tall without having that particular challenge. According to the height predictors (and who knows how accurate those things are), she should be about 5'8", which seems about perfect to me.

And speaking of second-hand, we find the Baby Bjorn we borrowed from Toddler Tamer to be priceless. Especially valuable to the Papoosekin is the convenient height of the front panel when she's facing forward: perfect gnawing position. We've been tucking in burp cloths to protect the fabric from slobber stains, but wouldn't one of these covers be way more chic? Definitely on my want list.

Here are a couple of parting shots, mainly for Grandma's benefit, who bought the Liliputian the t-shirt and hoodie below. Yeah, I know, all her pictures are on the couch lately. She spends a lot of time propped up there these days. We'll have a greater variety of backdrops as she becomes more mobile. God help us. Mobility. The beginning of the end, I'm told.

By the way, recognize those black bear booties?She finally fits in them! And I learned why I need to make future booties with less slippery soles. While checking out at the used bookstore today her feet were slipping out from under her as she tried to "stand" on the counter while I was holding her. Sad thing is that I don't think I'll have time to make more until she's too big to wear them!


Sarah Berry said...

She looks very "street" in her pink stripped outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe all the things you're managing. I hope the move goes smoothly and congratulations on your new house. We are mid-refinancing and I feel your pain on the insurance certificate. If it wasn't that it would be something else. I also love the little one sporting her Vermont t-shirt!