Monday, March 08, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Part 2

We're on day 2 of potty-training. Her record yesterday was 4-2. We've pulled out the big motivational guns: She's getting M&Ms for each successful attempt. Five successful number 1s in the potty get her a cupcake party. Five successful number 2s will get her a bike. She was getting the bike anyway, which is the Ouisers' old tricycle that S is too big for, but the Lilliputian doesn't know that... She WANTS that bike BAAAAD!!! We actually had a hard time getting her off the potty yesterday because she was so focused on earning that bike. I'll keep you posted.


The kitchen is plugging along and has made some HUGE progress. The slate floor is in:

The walls and ceiling are painted, the hickory cabinets are in:

The cabinetry was custom-made by a local small business. Those are little, tiny mahogany in-laid squares in the corners of the doors. The two cabinets with the glass doors need to have the shelves swapped out for glass...we forgot to ask for that. The Husband installed lights inside them, and also task lighting under the cabinets.

Technically, the granite countertops are in now, too. The sink is installed, though the Husband is still working on the plumbing. He's also working on tiling the backsplash, so none of the appliances are back in yet (pictures of all that soon), but it's coming. It's coming.


Sarah Berry said...

Wow, those cabinets are really beautiful. So unique and stylish.

Unknown said...

Fantastic! I LOVE the floor! And good luck with the continuing saga of number 1s and 2s :)

Strongmama said...

Kitchen's looking good!

Hope the potty training keeps up too. Something to think about once the big reward is met-- when we did this with J and he got his, he then felt no need to complete the deed for a little while because he already had what he wanted. You'll probably want to have lesser rewards to keep things up for a little bit and then finally go to none.