Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not So Much

Last weekend we hosted a huge community yard sale to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and I swore I'd take pictures because, Oh. My. We could have opened a thrift store with the amount of donations we had. It was insane. And it was soooo much work. And so many ticks. But it was totally worth it because we raised over $1,600.

We've pretty much recovered from that and now I'm battling giant killer dust bunnies to make the house semi-presentable for the Scarlet Lilies to visit this weekend (okay, that really sounds like a band is staying here).

There is very little else going on here other than a vocabulary explosion in the toddler. Also some major sleep training, which is somewhat exhausting, but could be worse. And she starts day care on Monday, yay! Just a couple days a week for now. And no, I'm not returning to work yet. She's just majorly craving the socialization.

I'm sure I'll be having heart palpitations come drop-off time Monday morning, but I have no fear that she'll get along famously.

And if you think those dandelions she's picking are in my yard, you're crazy. I attack mine with a vengeance. Our neighbors, however...

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