Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What's Your Style?

Ikea's website has a style quiz that's kind of fun.

They deemed my style Country Rustic, which is no surprise to me. That's pretty much what I grew up with.

They further classified my as 20% modern, 20% Scandinavian, and 60% country.

Hey, it's Ikea. What do you want?

Let me know what your results are!

(link via How About Orange)


Sarah Berry said...

That was super fun! I'm Scandinavian Urban.

die Frau said...

I am Country Balanced: 40% Scandinavian, 60% country. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I like it.

The Perfect Space said...

Scandanavian Natural. I don't know what that means, but I don't care! I <3 Ikea.

Strongmama said...

I'm Country Classic-- 40% Scandinavian and 60% Country. I don't know what it means either, but I really liked all of the patterns.

Ouiser said...

country original. 40% scandanavian, 60% country. i am zero modern. go figure.