Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Prodigal Daughter Has Returned

And no worse for the wear, after a week-long vay-cay to the Motherland. Upstate NY for Scarlet Lily's wedding, then back to the parental homestead for a meet-and-greet with Grandpa and GG (my Grandma's chosen moniker with which the Liliputian is meant to address her).

Mom, Grandma, me, and the Munchkin.

I'll leave it to Scarlet to post extensive pics of her wedding upon her no doubt bronzed (wait, who am I kidding: freckled red-heads don't bronze so much as toast. Neither do I, which is why I can smack-talk.) return. Some of the chosen few that I will nevertheless share are ours, some from Mr. Scarlet's sister, some from our friend M.

Rehearsal dinner

Ouiser and Scarlet

Mr. and Mrs. Toddler Tamer

You catching that view in the background?

Here, let me help...If you can tear your eyes away from Mr. Scarlet and my child.

As Mr. Ouiser noted, it almost looked fake, it was so perfect.
Okay, there, unobstructed. It was truly breathtaking.

The whole wedding was perfect. Again, I'll let Scarlet fill you in on the details, but I can definitely bestow upon it the best compliment we received about our own wedding five years ago from the Husband's Brother-from-Another-Mother: "It was the best wedding I've been to after my own."

Here's hoping they're soaking it all up in the islands...


Strongmama said...

I love how grandmas (great grandmas) insist on being called particular things. My grandmother just did the same thing this weekend. She asked what J calls her (he really doesn't call her anything since he's met her TWICE) but she is all about being called great grams. Whatever, right?

die Frau said...

What an absolutely gorgeous multi-generational picture. I loved meeting L!

I think T's mom is in for the future kid calling her CC (her initials). Is it because of the feeling older? Like when Claire Huxtable referred to herself as "Mother, The Sequel"?