Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's an Eight-Letter Word for a Reese Witherspoon Movie?

After leaving the northeast where I was spoiled by all the clean bar air (wow, never thought those words would be in a sentence about cleaner bar air?), it was tough readjusting to black lungs when we went out in Tucson. But no more! The smoking ban in public places, including bars, was passed in Tucson last night and I, as a nonsmoker, couldn't be happier. We also managed to hold off the man/woman marriage restriction. It was a good day in the Old Pueblo.

In other news, today I did my first modified barium swallow study at work. (Non-SLPs may choose to stop reading here and skip to someone's blog who doesn't insist in talking about obscure work-related nonsense.) It was actually kind of boring because the man's swallow looked completely functional, which threw me for a second. But I did strongly recommend an ENT consult: six months post-colon cancer, with new onset of increased vocal hoarseness, lifetime smoker and drinker...painting you SLPs any pictures? And I had the one, shall we say difficult, radiologist, which was intimidating, but he was perfectly pleasant for once, so it could have been much worse. Getting excited for my MBS conference with Jeri Logemann in Mesa in a couple weeks!

Now I'm off to look up a reference someone gave me for research from 1997 showing that a swallow delay with thins of three seconds in the pyriforms is normal. Suspicious, no? I'll let you know what I find.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on your first swallow study honey! I'm sure you were fabulous!
3 seconds in the pyriforms huh? Seems HIGHLY suspicious to me...